MyTeenCoin VLT Concept Design Released

MyTeenCoin Joins Casinofair, Eyes Vegas for Games

MyTeenCoin would like to announce that it is pleased to bring the Casinofair portfolio of games as an affiliate partner of MyTeenCoin, and is a major step to MyTeenCoin developing its first video lottery game endorsed by Teen Coin, and using Teen Coin. This partnership is the first step to a long journey of integrating MyTeen into the gaming industry, with a focus on Las Vegas as a starting point for physical blockchain casino VLTs. This will be our third business meeting in Las Vegas to meet with executives regarding the development of our gaming program, loyalty program, and rewards programs for existing members to establish Teen Accounts for future gamblers. While most parents don’t want their kids to grow to be gamblers, it is still a fun and rewarding gift for parents to earn points for their children to have a future vacation or free stay at a partner resort in Las Vegas. We hope to develop this deal particularly with the MGM Group of Casinos, which we have been in discussions with for 5 months now.

In the past, our affiliate partner Coin Currency News did well as an affiliate partner of Bitstarz Casino, and used some of its funding to create our Teen Coin endorsed gaming reviews site:

Having Casinofair branded across our suite of sites will help us endorse the Casinofair brand through our affiliate partner sites, and also give us a good content option to populate our Bitcash Players site. We have reached out to SoftSwiss about the option for developing a game using their platform since we really enjoy their games and storylines and think it would be a great option for MyTeen to take the game to the front of raising awareness to help troubled youth.

We look forward to establish a partnership where gamers can submit reviews our site, as well as grow our presence with Casinofair and their players, and some physical resort connections as pilot project in Vegas.

Please take a spin of the wheel at Casinofair and help us grow our affiliate income so we can continue to grow value of this project into the gaming and resort sectors.

Users from all around the world can enjoy this special offer, and please use the registration link here so MyTeen can use our rewards to help buyback Teen Coins


Working with Casinofair is the first step to establishing a game that uses MyTeen as a form of gaming currency. While we have been exploring MyTeen with the Gaming divisions in US and Canada, we are very excited to announce our blockchain gaming partner.


Casino Fair and My Teen Coin Affiliate


Please give them a follow on Twitter and Register using our tracking code so you can play for FUN.





Casinofair and Teen Coin Partner Up

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